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What expenses can I claim as a Deliveroo Rider-Partner
What expenses can I claim as a Deliveroo Rider-Partner

How to reduce taxable income!

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Most things that you have to spend money on that relate to your job as a Deliveroo Rider-Partner are eligible to be claimed as a tax deductible expense.

We have made a list of the common tax deductable expenses Deliveroo Rider-Partner usually claim:

  • Purchase of the Bike or Scooter (this may need to be depreciated depending on the cost)

  • Repairs & Maintenance on the Bike or Scooter (such as Tyres, accessories, brake pads etc.)

  • Scooter running costs (registration, petrol & any mechanical services/repairs)

  • Insurance on the scooter 

  • Any safety gear that is not provided by Deliveroo such as sunglasses, sunscreen etc (You must pay for these yourself)

  • Cleaning costs (Dry cleaning etc.)

  • Mobile Phone Costs (you must keep a log book to calculate work usage)

  • Any other directly work related expenses that you pay for

Please note: You are not able to claim fines as they are not incurred in the ordinary operation of your business

How do I keep records of my expenses?

You must keep a record of all of these tax deductible expenses relating to Deliveroo. Many Deliveroo Rider-Partners find it difficult to keep a record of these expenses, here are some suggestions on how to keep records:

  • Use an App such as the ATO app 'myDeductions'

  • Keep a spreadsheet of all expenses and online storage folder with photographed/scanned receipts

Keeping records is a requirement set by the ATO, however this will also benefit you as it ensures you don't miss or lose track of any of your expenses!

We recommend that you set aside time once or twice a week for record keeping. If you keep on top of your records this will make tax a lot simpler and efficient, avoiding stress and keeping time free to do what you enjoy!

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