There is a difference between being an Australian Resident for Tax purposes and being an Australian resident as per the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

In most cases, regardless of whether you are on a visa you will be an Australian resident for tax purposes. Therefore if you are an overseas student enrolled in a course for longer than six months in Australia, you will be an Australian resident for tax purposes. 

The common situation where you would not be an Australian resident for tax purposes is if you are a backpacker on a 417 or 462 visa. The ATO explains that most backpackers do not intend to stay in Australia and only intend to work some of the time whilst having a holiday.

The ATO has some great information on how to work out your residency status click here to find out more!

In most cases Deliveroo Rider-Partner who are on student or other temporary working visa’s, who stay in Australia for more than 6 months are considered Australian residents for tax purposes.

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