Rent or Lease Payments
Any money you pay to lease your car or rent it from a fleet operator is a deduction in your tax return.  You should keep a good track of how much you are charged to rent your taxi each day/week.  

Car Maintenance
Depending on your situation, you may also have a lot of car maintenance fees.  Things like tyres, oil changes, car washes, general repairs.  These can all be claimed as a deduction.  

If you pay your insurance directly, you can claim it back as a tax deduction. Alternatively your fleet operator may cover the insurance as part of the rental fee.    

Any licence fees you pay to operate your taxi are tax deductible.  This may include the taxi licence fee and also other fees to have a special driver's licence.    

If you are a member of an organisation or union that is associated with Taxi driving, then you may claim this as a tax deduction.  

Credit Card Processing Fees
Any fees and charges that you incur when processing a credit card are tax deductible.

Fuel Costs
The cost of fuel whilst driving your taxi is a deduction

If you own your Taxi, you can claim depreciation on the vehicle each year.

Parking Fees
Parking fees that are incurred whilst driving your taxi are okay as a tax deduction.  These are different to parking fines.  Fines are not tax deductible.  

Business Cards
If you print business cards to give to passengers, this is tax deductible.  

Any other equipment
Any other equipment used in your taxi vehicle can be claimed as a tax deduction. Things like phone charges, air fresheners or supplies for passengers.  

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