There are many rumors around what you can claim in relation to your work clothing, we are here to break it down for you.

 You can claim a deduction for the the cost of buying and cleaning eligible work clothes such as:

  • Occupation Specific clothing (such as a robe worn by a barrister)

  • Protective and unique clothing (such as fire-resistant clothing, steel-capped boots etc.)

  • Work Uniform (Any clothing that has a relevant badge or other identification)

You can claim the cleaning (washing, drying and ironing) of any of these eligible work clothes. Please ensure that you keep the receipts to substantiate these claims.

You cant claim the following:

  • You are not able to claim any of the above for clothing that is not specific for your occupation. This includes business suits and office wear, you can only claim these if they include a badge or logo. 

  • You are also not allowed to claim clothing that you are required to wear for work if it is does not meet the above requirements. For example if you work for a clothing label and are required to wear that label to work, you are not allowed the claim the cost of purchasing these.

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