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Can I claim Home Office expenses if I am a salary & wage employee
Can I claim Home Office expenses if I am a salary & wage employee

Home Office expenses

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If you do some work from home, then you are able to claim some home office expenses and running costs in your return.

You have two options of claiming home office expenses:

  • The first is the ATO's fixed rate of 45 cents per hour, this rate takes into account heating, cooling, lighting and depreciation of office furniture.

  • The other option is to keep a diary of the actual costs and assigning an accurate estimate of a work related percentage

The claims above and beyond the ATO's rate are explained in further details below. 

You will be able to claim deductions for your computer, phone and other electronic devices that you are using for work directly related to your small business. You are also able to claim the running costs of these devices such as:

  • Stationery

  • Computer expenses

  • Internet

  • Electricity

We recommend that you keep a diary of the actual expenses and running costs so that you can ensure you are accurately claiming the cost you incur!

Please click here to read more information from the Australian Taxation Office about claiming home office expenses

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