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Claiming your mobile phone
Claiming your mobile phone

Mobile Phone

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You are allowed to claim a tax deduction if you use your phone for work purposes. However you must claim the relevant business use percentage. You will need to work out the relevant business use percentage, we recommend keeping a log of how you use your mobile phone.

Furthermore, you can't claim any tax deduction if your employer pays for your mobile or reimburses you for any cost. 

You may wonder how to keep a log book for your mobile? The good news is that you only need to keep this for a 4 week period. Here are some suggestions on how to keep this log:

  • Total number or calls - Split out work and personal calls

  • The total text messages sent - Split out work and personal messages

  • Total data downloaded - Split out work and personal data usage

If you need any more clarification please contact us here at Nixer

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