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Completing the ABN & GST Registration
Completing the ABN & GST Registration


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There are often cases where clients provide us with different information than the information the Australian Taxation Office has about them. 

All of the above information must be provided in order for us to apply for your ABN/GST.

You must provide your contact details also, we must enter these on your application so these must also be correct.

The above information must also be entered, examples are as below:

  • Will your activities be carried out in Australia - This will usually be yes, unless you are operating a business that deals with overseas businesses

  • Describe your business in 20 words (or less) - Common answers here are Uber Driver, Deliveroo Driver etc.

  • Have you ever held an ABN before - If you already have an ABN or had an ABN in the past, you must answer yes here.

  • If you answered 'Yes' to the above question, what was it? - Enter your current or previous ABN here.

  • Would you like to register for GST? - If you are an Uber driver, the answer to this must be yes.

  • From what date would you like to register your ABN? - This must be the day that your business started (for example the day you first drove for Uber) - this will also be the day that you are registered for GST if you answered yes to the prior question

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